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Ever increasing traffic densities, higher axle loads, increased tire pressures and unfavourable wheel configurations result in increasing deterioration of asphalt pavements. This deterioration manifests itself in ravelling, rutting, surface cracking, fatigue and reflective cracking, resulting in dangerous traffic conditions, a shorter lifetime and higher maintenance frequencies.

By improving the asphalt mixture properties, the lifetime of the pavement will be extended. The best results are obtained by incorporating specific polymers to the bitumen. Sealoflex® comprises a group of high-performance polymer modified binders for use in heavy duty asphalt pavements (including design and build projects). Since its introduction in the early eighties, Sealoflex® has proved its value in practice in terms of durability and life cycle costs. Sealoflex® is manufactured and applied throughout Europe, The Middle East, India, America and the Far East.


Asphalt mixes based on Sealoflex® binders are characterized by:

  • low temperature susceptibility
  • high elastic recovery
  • high resistance to fatigue (caused by traffic and/or temperature fluctuations)
  • high flexibility
  • high stability (resistance to permanent deformation)
  • good healing
  • excellent adhesion
  • ductile behavior
  • high resistance to low temperature cracking

These specific properties of Sealoflex® asphalt pavements provide excellent resistance to raveling, fatigue, permanent deformation, surface cracks and reflective cracking, also under extreme climatic conditions.


Sealoflex® bitumen can be cost effectively incorporated into asphalt pavement layers as follows:

  • at traffic lights and major junctions where rutting or corrugation can be prevented;
  • in open and very open (thin) surfacings, where raveling can be prevented;
  • in structures in which the layer thickness of the asphalt mixtures must be reduced;
  • when resurfacing or inlaying cracked asphalt pavements;
  • in impermeable pavement structures to prevent damage caused by spillage of chemicals and fuels (Sealoflex® SFB5-JR)
  • in interlayer mixtures on top of cement treated bases or concrete slabs, in order to delay crack propagation (Thermiflex®)
  • in light-weight asphalt mixture recipes (Vederfalt®)
  • on airports, port areas and other heavy loaded pavements to prevent deformation and cracking
  • in grouted macadams to prevent shrinkage cracks and damage caused by oil leakages (Stabifalt®)
  • on bridge decks to prevent rutting and cracking
  • as part of jointless/silent transitions (Invisible Joint Systems®)
  • as part of the asphalt solar collector system (Road Energy Systems®)
  • in asphalt mixtures where a highly reduced temperature during production and paving operations is preferred


Asphalt mixtures with Sealoflex® binders can be produced in any hot-mix asphalt plant. Sealoflex® can be used in all asphalt layers. The composition of Sealoflex® asphalt mixtures can comply with Highways Agency and Local Authority (ADEPT) specifications. To guarantee the highest quality, Sealoflex® is only manufactured in a plant according to strictly laid down procedures and supplied as homogenous material according to precise specifications. Technical supervision during the production and processing of Sealoflex® asphalt mixtures is available.


There is no specific equipment required for the processing of Sealoflex® asphalt mixtures.

Individual product data sheets are available on request.



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