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"AdhesionXtreme® has been associated with Material Edge in the UK marketplace since November 2010. We have found the company to be particularly tenacious, reliable and diligent in support of our product line culminating in an increase of awareness and expansion of the AX brand in the UK Market. We would highly recommend Material Edge as a partner for any enterprise seeking penetration into the UK."


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edge ahead of the competition


Posted by Chris Sullivan on Wednesday, 03 October 2018 at 18:27:34

Filed under: Products

RoofBond® Stretch 60

RoofBond Stretch 60 and is used as a Lead free flashing on Chimneys, around rooflights and even on corrugated or "wrinkly tin" roofs.

Read more about RoofBond® Stretch 60

Please contact us for more information or a full quotation.

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SolarRoad Now available in the UK and Ireland

Posted by Chris Sullivan on Wednesday, 06 December 2017 at 11:26:26

Filed under: Products, Services

SolarRoad is an innovation for the here and now!

Created by a consortium of companies including Ooms, this unique Solar Energy from a light vehicle trafficked pavement system is now successfully generating electricity in The Netherlands and France and is available to a town near you soon!

The SolarRoad system is ideally used coupled with battery storage where there is no access to the electricity grid but lighting and electrical energy are vital such as in: National Parks, Water sport centres and other outdoor pursuit centres.

SolarRoad is entirely non polluting in its generation of electricity and requires only an annual inspection with no ongoing maintenance even in the wilds of our countryside.

Step by step Installation Guide and product only pricing is now available on request for the UK and Ireland.

Read more about SolarRoad

Please contact us for more information or a full quotation.

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Material Edge Supports CIHT's New Standards Advisory Group

Posted by Chris Sullivan on Wednesday, 26 July 2017 at 12:10:44

Filed under: General

The Standards Advisory Group has been established to assist CIHT to co-ordinate and promote the activities of the Institution in relation to standards advice for materials and pavement design for highways, airfields and industrial purposes.  Members of the group sit on a number of British Standards Institution (BSI) Committees developing standards for the industry.

CIHT are seeking to establish a core group of members who are interested in receiving alerts and/or assisting the Institution in our relationship with BSI and developing standards. If you would like to be involved please contact

BSI has also recently launched a public online system where new work proposals are accessible for wider view and comment. This is designed to increase awareness of the Standards Development Portfolio. CIHT members may wish to put forward comments through the CIHT and its representatives or simply as a member of the public.

Submit your project proposals

Do you have an idea for a new transport infrastructure scheme that you think would make a big difference, either to local communities or the prosperity of the nation? Why not share it with Transportation Professional magazine? Email your suggestions to

CIHT member wins Wolfson prize

Well done to CIHT graduate member, Gergely Raccuja, who works for Amey as a transport planner, on winning the £250,000 Wolfson Economics Prize. Gergely beat four other finalists in the competition to find ways of paying for better, safer and more reliable roads. Read more here.

Max Harwood foundation prize winnerCIHT Foundation prize awarded

Congratulations to Max Harwood, recent winner of Newcastle University’s CIHT Foundation Prize. Max received the prize as the top undergraduate Transport Option Engineering student at the university this year. Max was presented with the prize at his graduation ceremony last week by North East & Cumbria Chair Darran Kitchener. If you would like more information about the CIHT Foundation click here.

Have your management skills recognised

Newsletter members

CIHT has partnered with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) to offer a streamlined route to qualify as a Chartered Manager (CMgr). The partnership means that CIHT members who hold CEng, IEng, or TPP registration with five years or more of management experience are eligible for CMI’s qualified route to becoming a Chartered Manager. Eligible CIHT members receive a 50% discount on the CMI membership fee. To find out more information click here.

Interim Registration

Interim registration is available to those who have obtained the academic base for either IEng or CEng, but do not yet possess the relevant practical experience to meet the competency requirements for full registration. Having interim registration will demonstrate to employers your enthusiasm, drive and commitment to both your career and the profession. For more information, click here.

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Coming Soon from our principals Ooms Civiel, Solaroad

Posted by Chris Sullivan on Friday, 12 June 2015 at 13:44:02

Filed under: Bitumen

The idea behind SolaRoad is simple: sunlight falling on the road surface is absorbed by solar cells and converted into electricity – the road surface acts as a large solar panel. The electricity generated in this way will find practical applications in street lighting.

Read more here. and here.

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Natural-coloured asphalt "perfect solution" for playground

Posted by Chris Sullivan on Friday, 12 June 2015 at 13:42:35

Filed under: Bitumen

A new primary school in Hampshire has applied over 1500 square metres of Bituchem's Natratex Cotswold to its playground and outdoor teaching areas.

Berewood Primary School accomodates children aged four to eleven.The Natratex Cotswold material was specified in buff as it was considered more attractive than black tarmac but still smooth enough to be safe for young children to play on.

Read the full article here.

Tags: playground

Bituchem Sees First Application Of New Porous Material

Posted by Chris Sullivan on Tuesday, 21 April 2015 at 18:10:16

Filed under: Bitumen

Hard landscaping specialists, Bituchem has completed the first application of its advanced Natratex Cotswold Porous material at the recently redeveloped Royal William Yard in Plymouth. Approximately 2000sq.m of the porous material was applied to the ‘secret garden’ car park, giving both a practical and aesthetically pleasing finish to the site.

Designed by Dartington-based Gillespie Yunnie Architects the new car park is situated within a number of Grade II listed walls, formerly a Grade I listed Nursery Walled Garden. The 140-space car park has used Bituchem’s Natratex Cotswold Porous material as well as real grass with plastic trays for reinforcement, to give the entire car park a natural drainage system.

Will Hoare, architect at Gillespies Yunnie, commented. “Due to the nature of the site there were some planning restrictions put in place with the design of the new car park in terms of appearance and sustainability. It was particularly important that the new car park maintained the natural aesthetics of the Nursery Garden without using normal drainage systems. We found that Bituchem’s Natratex Cotswold Porous material offers a solution to both of these requirements and we are really pleased with the outcome.”

The Natratex Cotswold Porous material is particularly suitable for applications on sites with preservation restrictions, due to the lack of deep earth work needed. This also makes the application and maintenance of the material significantly easier than other infiltration systems. The application does not require any additional drainage systems which reduces the overall time and cost of the project.

Bituchem re-designed its popular Natratex Cotswold material to replicate natural infiltration methods, in response to the demand for Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS). The asphalt material is laid on a porous receiving layer and has an open structure to allow water to permeate through the surface into the ground and eventually finding its way to a natural water source. The material has been designed to remove the need for conventional drainage systems, thus eliminating the likelihood of blocked drains and water contamination.

Natratex Cotswold Porous is suitable for areas that see pedestrian and light vehicular use and are susceptible to flooding, such as car parks, footpaths, recreational parks and residential roads. The material is crafted using colour co-ordinated aggregate and pigments available in a range of colours, combined with a clear binder to provide an attractive and durable hard landscaping surface.

The new car park at the Royal William Yard is just one part of the redevelopment of the Plymouth landmark led by developers, Urban Splash. The project has been taking place for a number of years and has introduced a range of commercial, residential and leisure areas, including a large variety of restaurants, making it the perfect socialising environment for locals and tourists.

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Ooms Launch New Website

Posted by Chris Sullivan on Wednesday, 21 January 2015 at 19:00:12

Filed under: Bitumen

Ooms launch new Web site covering their extensive offerings in pavement design; supply, manufacture and licensee arrangements for Sealoflex polymer modified bitumens. Visit for more details.

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Sealoflex Revisited

Posted by Chris Sullivan on Friday, 13 June 2014 at 14:59:13

Filed under: Products, Case Studies

Sealoflex Combination – 9 Years and Counting – 2005 Debut in UK Car Parks Revisited

July 2005 saw the start of a contract to lay approximately 50,000m² of GridSeal® at London’s Heathrow airport on the Pink Elephant Car Park, reputedly the largest car park in Europe.

This is the first use in the UK of GridSeal®, a combination of GlasGrid® and Sealoflex SC-33, a system that has been successfully used to reduce reflective cracking in asphalt overlays throughout Europe, the Middle East, Far East and Australia since 1990.

Consultants Project Techniques were faced with a common difficulty of providing a thin flexible overlay system over a concrete base with the client’s requirement to minimise reflective cracking. The system chosen after in depth technical consultations and fierce competition was GridSeal® which is a combination of GlasGrid® 8550 with tensile strength 50kN/m in each direction and Sealoflex SC-33 a hot sprayed polymer modified binder at 1.7kg/m² rate of spread. This combination is finally overlaid with 10mm chippings to keep paving traffic aware from the highly adhesive binder layer.

Asphalt Reinforcement Services Ltd, Ringway and Material Edge Ltd. UK representative of Ooms Avenhorn Holding, the manufacturer of Sealoflex SC-33 (now SC-4). The registered owners of the GridSeal® are responsible for the spraying of Sealoflex SC-33 (now SC-4). This specialist binder requires a specialised surface dressing spray tanker that can spray highly polymerised binders at up to 200°C.

For this project Ooms Avenhorn Holding contractor arm Ooms Producten provided sub-contracted supply and laying of the Sealoflex SC-33 to Asphalt Reinforcement Services.

On the first visit approximately 11,000m² of GlasGrid® was laid with a special laying machine by ARS Ltd in about five hours the day before the Sealoflex SC-33 was laid. Overnight rain did not affect the grid which remained adhered to the surfacing through its contact adhesive. The surface was dry by the morning and spraying of the hot PMB took about three hours with chipping a further two hours.

The chippings keep the paving traffic away from the highly adhesive binder layer and provide an excellent key into the overlay which in this case was a 10mm SMA specification design to provide good skid resistance and low scuffing under power assisted steering from parking cars.

The asphalt overlay design provides a smooth well drained surface for car parking over an area of concrete including some spalled joints and fractured PCC slabs that was previously Heathrow Airport taxiway. Commencing with a layer of approximately 20mm of regulating onto which the GridSeal® system is applied the whole area is being overlaid with 40mm minimum thickness of SMA surfacing by the main contractor Ringway.

On our most recent visit to the Pink Elephant Car Park in 2013 a thorough examination of the surfacing showed some areas of fretting on corners where traffic was turning. There were isolated cracks showing in one area at the top of the project where it is believed GridSeal was missing from the pavement, however the total amount of cracking on the project reflects a very small % of the concrete bay joints underneath the 40mm overlay, a considerable achievement after 9 years performance of such a thin overlay. Next time you fly from Heathrow take a look yourself at the Pink Elephant Car Park.

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Welcome to Material Edge

Posted by Neil Jones on Saturday, 07 June 2014 at 10:00:12

Filed under: General


Welcome to our new website. Find out more about our products and services and contact us today.


Case history of Dutch GridSeal® Sites

Posted by Chris Sullivan on Friday, 06 June 2014 at 14:58:59

Filed under: Products, Case Studies

Bob Noakes of Norfolk County Council, Howard Cooke of Asphalt Reinforcement Services and Chris Sullivan of Material Edge visited a variety of sites to see the Dutch experience of the long term performance of GridSeal®.

System Properties

GridSeal® is a composite reinforcing system developed by Ooms Avenhorn Holding bv, consisting of GlasGrid® glassfibre reinforcement mesh and a hot sprayed Sam-C® membrane of SBS polymer modified bitumen. Depending on the circumstances GlasGrid® is covered with 1.0 to 2.5kg/sq.m of hot sprayed Sealoflex®-SC 4 and then treated with approximately 7kg/sq.m. of clean crushed aggregate.

Modelling loading on peat roads

Benefits of Gridseal®

GridSeal® provides improved protection against reflective cracking; excellent and durable visco elastic bond between the existing pavement and the new overlay; durable and tough anchorage of the reinforcement giving increased performance; superior interlock; durable waterproofing of the underlying pavement structure.

Site Visits

The first site visit was to the N99, in the area of Den Helder a 50 years old concrete road overlaid with GridSeal® and Sealoflex® asphalt in 1993. The pavement structure is 18 cm concrete, Sealoflex asphalt levelling course, GridSeal consisting of GlasGrid 8501 and 2.5 kg/m2 Sealoflex®-SC 4, 4 cm dense asphalt concrete and 5 cm porous asphalt.

This site was like many others in The Netherlands boarded on 2 sides by water. On the north side the road runs parallel with a cycle path which is next to a 4metre high dyke behind which is the North Sea. On the south side the road forms the embankment and 1metre below is polder land with irrigation and drainage channels. The road structure therefore is surrounded by and founded on water.

The GridSeal® was chosen in this location for its ability to prevent reflective cracking from settlement cracking which occurs in the pavement structure as a result of swelling and shrinkage during winter and summer conditions. The combination of GlasGrid® reinforcement for strength and Sealoflex® SC 4 for waterproofing has performed admirably with no obvious cracking appearing along the treated section. Sealoflex® in the surfacing layers has prevented any rutting as well as keeping the surfacing durable and crack free. The road texture is still excellent and intervention through overlay has not been necessary during the 12 year life. The pavement looked as if it would last another 12 years without maintenance being required.

On the following day the group visited Mr. Nills Strijbos of Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier in the area of Amsterdam where he together with Ruud Talsma of Ooms Construction bv showed on their area maps the variety and scope of sites now using Gridseal® for more than 10 years. Mr. Strijbos explained that all of the fully flexible highways in his area which are subject to settlements due to water movement have in the past been heavily patched every 2-5 years. However where GridSeal® is used lifetimes of 8 to 10 years plus are common. All new sites which are in areas subject to settlement are now provided with GridSeal® treatment to prevent premature failure.

There then followed a series of site visits including to one site where GlasGrid® reinforcement alone had been used in the early days and which was showing earlier signs of deterioration than the GridSeal® combination sites.

In addition some failed sites were visited to show the type of failure that occurred where GridSeal® is not used. These failures were similar to many of the peat and fen road sites seen in the UK and Ireland which was of particular interest to Bob Noakes for the areas of England around Norfolk and Suffolk where there are many similar problems encountered.

One particular site where trees were along one side on a small embankment which dropped into drainage channels there were signs of cracking. This was thought to be due to the excessive water demands of the trees and patching using GridSeal® had been performed in those areas with great success.

All told the history of use of GridSeal® was one of success and Mr. Strijbos intended to use the system for a long time to come.

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