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Detailed Repair System


When overlaying concrete bays with thin surfacing layers 75mm - <200mm special treatment maybe required over the joints or cracks to ensure they do not reflect through to the surface layers. Detailed Repair systems describe such a concept which may alter dependent on the amount of movement in the pavement structure to be treated and the construction methods envisaged such as layer thicknesses, PMB or GridSeal® in the overlay. Detailed repair was successfully used on the A45 Billing project in 2008 and is still performing well.

Designed Solution to Localised Cracking

Detailed repair system is the name Ooms have given to a designed solution to localised difficult cracking over concrete and lean concrete. It is a combination of asphalt reinforcement (Glasgrid or CompoGrid) and polymer modified bond coats (Sealoflex SC-4) together with Sealoflex modified asphalt and was first used through the joint efforts of Asphalt Reinforcement Services, Lafarge contracting and Ooms/Material Edge together with the Highways Agency and TRL on the A45 Great Billing in 2008.

It has been well reported in the press and the attached article from Asphalt Professional encapsulates the work carried out.



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