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AdhesionXtreme® Tapes


Not ordinary tapes but ultra high strength AdhesionXtreme® adhesive tapes from our exclusive supplier.

AdhesionXtremeAdhesionXtreme® Waterproofing Tapes are manufactured from the most advanced synthetic polymers and resins available today. The exceptional adherence and pull forces achieved on all common roofing and building surfaces stem from the exclusive adhesive formula that is made to the highest specifications within the industry.

  • Immediate, permanent & guaranteed seal for all surfaces
  • No primer required
  • Rapid installation cuts labour over conventional hot weld techniques
  • Eliminates risk of fire
  • Eliminates cracking & leaks under thermal shock
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Standard Options & Packaging Details


Recommended for use on all roofing surfaces. These tapes feature a durable UV stable backing offered in black, white or grey in order to match most industrial roofing surfaces.

No primer required if the substrate is clean, dry & dust free.

1mm thick UV Stable Backing Black/White/Grey
RB-05010 50mm x 10m 16 rolls/case
RB-10010 100mm x 10m 8 rolls/case
RB-15010 150mm x 10m 4 rolls/case


Laminated with a non-woven backing that is extremely flexible and designed to accept all roof coatings, paints or liquid urethane finishes. Excellent for sealing the edges of concrete basements or terraces prior to pouring the liquid urethane finish.

0.9mm thick Non-Woven Polyester Backing
MT-10010 100mm x 10m 8 rolls/case


This tape features the adhesive formula on both surfaces and is designed for sealing between two substrates of either similar or dissimilar materials.

1.5mm thick  
2S-05015 50mm x 15m 6 rolls/case
2S-07515 75mm x 15m 4 rolls/case


Typically used as a vapour and air barrier for sealing joints of insulation panels installed within the walls or ceilings. Also used to ensure an air tight seal between timber floors or window frames as well as irregular construction surfaces.

0.6mm thick Polyethylene Backing
IA-05015 50mm x 15m 6 rolls/case
IA-10015 100mm x 15m 3 rolls/case

Custom Sizes

AdhesionXtreme® Tapes can be produced in widths up to 1 metre on demand. Minimum quantities for custom made products will apply depending on each specific requirement.


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