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GridSeal® by Ooms

GridSeal® was invented in The Netherlands by Ooms. It recognises that high modulus reinforcements such as glassfibre require to be thoroughly anchored in asphalt and the layers of asphalt above and below it must be bonded in such as way that the reinforcement cannot become seperated.

Unlike in the USA where GlasGrid® is used without bonding between asphalt layers, Ooms have for years combined GlasGrid® with 2-3kg/sq.m. of Sealoflex® SC-4 to provide a waterproof, strain relieving layer surrounding a high modulus glass fibre grid. Bond plus high modulus and cross sectional area of the grid equal high levels of performance in asphalt reinforcement.

Asphalt Reinforcement Services, the UK distributor and installer of GlasGrid® and Sealoflex® SC-4 (also known as GridSeal®), have performed a number of prestigious projects utilising GridSeal® with excellent results.



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