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UPM + Koldflo


Unique Paving Material

UPM or Unique Paving Material is a permanent set reinstatment material that has a shelf life of up to 1 year when covered yet sets to a durable surface suitable for use on trunk roads and car parks, country lanes and the like.

Used in the UK for reinstating around gullies and patching on trunk roads it is favoured by contractors as it has been installed during the depth of winter and is still performing under load years later.

How does UPM work? A carefully selected grading of high psv aggregates combined with a solvent based additive and bitumen gives UPM the ability to form and stick tenaciously to an pothole even in water. It also allows a rigid surface to form through evaporation of solvents yet stays mobile underneath the surface thus continuing to shape to the pothole and not bouncing out like a brittle biscuit under traffic.

It is available in 25kg plastic sacks or delivered in bulk when it will keep for up to 12 months if covered over each time after material is taken from the stockpile.

Koldflo is a completely cold thixotropic bitumen emulsion in a special applicator bottle that can be squeezed into cracks and joints. It is ideal for patching gangs and pre surface dressing crack filling and as an alternative to hot bitumen. It can be mixed with sand to bulk it out for wider cracks.


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