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Material Edge Ltd Environmental Policy


Material Edge Ltd is a building and construction products wholesale trading company as well as acting as a consultant to the construction materials industry.

Key environmental impacts

  • Use of energy for heat and light in home office environment.
  • Business travel.
  • Movement of goods from worldwide suppliers to customer base.
Home office

Objectives and Targets

  • The company currently recycles all paper and plastic waste as well as reusing printer cartridges.
  • The company has since June 2011 generated electricity through the use of a solar PV 4kW peak system.
  • The company premises has been double glazed and cavity wall insulated.
  • The loft insulation level was doubled in thickness to reduce energy consumption in June 2012.
  • The company installed a voltage optimiser v4home to save up to 10% of electricity used in May 2012.
  • A smart heating system controller will be investigated with a view to installing within 12 months.
  • Home office A rainwater collection system and drip feed system have been installed in summer 2013.
  • On an ongoing basis the company will chose manufactures and freight companies closer to their customers where a choice is available. The number of conversions has reached 2.
  • The company has had an assessment of its energy use performed and is measuring energy use with a smart meter to allow better control in future.
  • The company has attended a smart program seminar to learn to increase carbon use efficiency within the business.
  • The company has installed an Intasun which utilises unused PV solar power to heat water in the premises saving CO2 and cost.
  • In June 2013 the company purchased a zero emissions electric Nissan Leaf company vehicle which is used for all journeys where charging and time allows.

Responsible individuals

  • Company directors are responsible for the implementation of this environmental policy.

Review of data

  • The company reviews its performance on a quarterly basis and reports the results internally and to customers and suppliers on request.

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